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1. Rocks On The Mountains NEW!

arr. Carol Barnett

Leesville Road High School, Capital Pride Women's Choir; Diane Covington, conductor
An African-American work song, perfectly crafted for mixed choirs that are short on boys, but also excellent for any SATB choir. A fine teaching piece with an ethnic touch and a great addition in any young choir programming!

HL08501761 SA(T)B Chorus & Piano

Duration: Approx. 2:45


2. Nakutakia Siko Njema! (Have a Nice Day!) NEW!

Peter B. Emerson

Harker Heights High School Cantabile Non-Varsity Woman's Chorus; Peter B. Emerson, conductor
Accessible for young choirs, this piece makes fun of common tourist phrases-here in Swahili, so don't look for a deep meaning in the text! A rhythmic pulse provides lots of fun for the singers and creates an exciting performance!

HL08501770 SSA Chorus & Piano

Duration: Approx. 3:27


3. Who Can Sail? NEW!

arr. by Carl-Bertil Agnestig

Shenandoah Valley Children's Chorus; Julia J. White, conductor
Based on a Finnish folk melody, this beautiful message of friendship has been sung by choirs worldwide. The adaptable piano part can be played as written, or modified based on the chord symbols included in the score. Can be sung in English or Swedish.

HL08500074 Two-part Treble with Descant & Piano

Duration: Approx. 2:35


4. Laudate Dominum (Psalm 117) NEW!

Dan Davison

Puget Sound Youth Vocal Ensemble; Dan Davison, conductor
For young choirs with many more girls than boys, as well as regular SATB choirs, here is the right piece! Modeled on the classics, with easy counterpoint teaching opportunities. Based on the keyboard accompaniment, optional string parts are available.

HL08501775 SSA(T)B Chorus, Piano & Optional String Quartet
HL08501514 TB Chorus & Piano
HL08501715 Opt. String Quartet

Duration: Approx. 2:35



5. Ritmo NEW!

Dan Davison

The Puget Sound Ensemble; Dan Davison, conductor
This energetic, Latin-style piece is a great opener, closer, or encore choice for high school, college and community choirs. The piano accompaniment may be performed by one or two pianists.

HL08501702 SATB Chorus & 4-Hand Piano
HL08501736 SA(T)B Chorus, Piano
HL08501731 TTBB Chorus, Piano
HL08501703 Piano 4-Hands

Duration: Approx. 3:00


6. Follow the Drinking Gourd

arr. Dan Davison

Aire Born Singers; Max Murphy, conductor
A lively arrangement of a traditional slave song, this piece is for SAB high school choir and includes various percussion. Syncopation and subject matter make this a unique and poignant addition to most repertoires.

HL08501483 SAB Chorus, Piano & Percussion

Duration: Approx. 3:40



7. Vamos a Bailar NEW!

Dan Davison

Pugent Sound Vocal Ensemble; Dan Davison, conductor
Let's dance! Youthful excitement colors this Latin-flavored piece, commissioned by ACDA for the national Convention Jr. High School/Middle School Honor Choir. It features great musical interaction between girls and boys and offers many chances to act out the interplay on stage. With a guiding English translation in addition to the Spanish singing text.

SATB divisi Chorus, HL08501766 Piano 4-Hands & Percussion
HL08501777 Piano & Percussion

Duration: Approx. 3:30


8. Thoughts on the Moon NEW!     

Arden Skoglund

From Age To Age; Andrew Miller, conductor
The poem describing the moon as "a silver lady in her tower" inspired this rich work for advanced high school choirs and beyond. With expressive harmonies and dramatic dynamics, it will add a beautiful aura to your concert program.

HL08501763 SATB divisi Chorus, a cappella

Duration: Approx. 2:53


9. Uniamo in Amore (Let Us Unite in Love) NEW!

Kevin Memley

The Kevin A. Memley Studio Chorale; Kevin A. Memley, conductor
This work bridges Italy and Broadway, with lovely melody and dramatic instrumental backing! Versatile soli sections make this an audience pleaser.

HL08501765 STB Soloists, SATB divisi Chorus, French Horn & Piano with Timpani, Cymbals & Bass Drum

Duration: Approx. 4:35


10. Return! NEW!

Eric Barnum

Panther Creek High School Chamber Choir; Brad Bensen, Conductor
This work is inspired by the emotions in the profound text about hope in times of unrest. In a straight four-part setting, the composer lets the drama unfold through the climax of the work. A fine centerpiece in a concert, it is appropriate for high school and beyond.

HL08501771 SATB Chorus, Piano

Duration: Approx. 4:45


11. Tshotsholoza (Go Forward) NEW!

Adapted by Jeffery L. Ames

Belmont University Choir; Jeffery L. Ames, conductor
The "unofficial" anthem of South Africa, this historic freedom song was used as the "battle call" at the 2010 Soccer World Cup. With congas, djembe and a strong engagement from the choir, it will be an uplifting concert experience.

HL8501764 SATB divisi Chorus, Tenor Solo, Congas & Djembe
HL08501546 TTBB Chorus, Tenor Solo & Optional Percussion

Duration: Approx: 2:00


12. Le Pont Mirabeau (The Bridge Mirabeau) NEW!

Lionel Daunais

Choral Arts Northwest; Richard Sparks, conductor
French poet Guillaume Apollinaire's musing on lost love takes on a quintessential French sound. Easily accessible to a good high school choir. In French, with a singable English translation by Jon Washburn.

HL8501422 SATB a cappella

Duration: Approx. 3:00


13. In Remembrance NEW!

Words and Music by Jeffery L. Ames

Florida State University Chamber Choir; Andre Thomas, conductor
This moving tribute will touch the hearts of your choir and audience alike. A versatile piece that can be sung in concerts, memorial services, or other assemblies where serious and uplifting music is a necessity. The horn part is also available for C and B-flat instruments.

HL08501547 SATB divisi & Piano & F Horn

Duration: Approx. 4:40


14. Earth Drum NEW!

Randy Haldeman

Oregon State University Chamber Choir; Steven Zielke, conductor
This work depicts how the earth welcomes the rain. The text is in Swahili and English. Exciting rhythms and percussion build to a jubilant ending.

HL08501787 SATB Chorus, a cappella, & Percussion (3 Players)
HL08501788 Percussion Parts HL08501788

Duration: Approx. 3:20



15. The Ground NEW!

Ola Gjeilo

ASU Schola Cantorum; Kira Rugen, conductor
The last movement (Gloria, Osanna, Agnus Dei) is based on a chorale motif and has been developed into a free-standing anthem.

HL08501774 SATB Chorus divisi, piano and Optional String Quartet (or Ensemble)
HL08501796 THE GROUND Full Score and parts - now available through Hal Leonard or your dealer.

Duration: Approx. 3:30

The first movement (Kyrie) from the Sunrise Mass is called THE SPHERES. An a cappella version of this movement is available as a free-standing publication. Duration: Approx. 5:35
HL08501725 THE SPHERES for SSAATTBB Chorus a cappella

The original SUNRISE MASS has four movements for Chorus and String Orchestra. The Vocal Score and the Full Score and Parts are now available through Hal Leonard or your dealer.
Duration: The full Mass appox. 30:00
HL08501827 SUNRISE MASS for SSAATTBB Chorus and String Orchestra
HL08501828 SUNRISE MASS Full Score and Parts
HL08501829 SUNRISE MASS Full Score only


16. Lux Aeterna NEW!

Music by Brian A.

California State University, Long Beach University Choir; Jon Talberg, conductor
This breathtakingly beautiful award-winning composition offers rich harmonies in an approachable setting, and is a wonderful introduction to liturgical Latin. Works well in both concert and memorial settings.

HL08501557 SATB divisi Chorus, a cappella
HL08501670 TTBB a cappella

Duration: Approx. 3:15


17. Au Dela du Chagrin (Beyond the Sorrow) NEW!

Sydney Guillaume

The Florida State University Singers; Dr. Kevin Fenton, conductor
Written in remembrance of a loved one, this work has its given place as a concert "center piece." The composer's style touches on the French romantic masters, bringing a rich variation of colors to the performance.

HL08501781 SATBB Chorus, a cappella

Duration: Approx. 6:30


18. Adoramus Te, Christe

Eric William Barnum

Kantorei; Richard Larson, conductor
Teachers, church choir directors and community choirs have all welcomed this beautiful, yet intimate, setting of the well known Latin text. This very popular work is easy to prepare and rewarding to sing!

HL08501687 SATB divisi, a cappella

Duration: Approx. 2:00


19. Ubi CaritasNEW!

Ola Gjeilo

VocalEssence Ensemble Singers; Philip Brunelle, conductor
With a sound at once modern and medieval, this remarkable setting of the familiar Latin text starts in unison and evokes plain chant, and gradually unfolds into wider harmonies and more modern harmonic language. Not unduly challenging in terms of vocal range, it's readily accessible to good high school choirs for concerts or festivals at any time of year.

HL08501631 SATB Chorus, a cappella
HL08501677 SSAA Chorus, a cappella
HL08501701 TTBB Chorus, a cappella

Duration: Approx. 3:00



20. Wonderful Peace NEW!

Gustaf Nordqvist, arr. Dan Davison

Puget Sound Vocal Ensemble; Dan Davison, conductor
This edition of a true treasure and a faithful favorite in Advent and Christmas is a beautiful celebration inviting you into the stillness that marks the Yule tide. Sing it a cappella, with organ or piano, or add a string quartet to your performance-the choice is yours! Whatever version you chose, the joyful message remains, bringing wonderful peace to the holidays!

HL08501685 SATB, Piano & Strings
HL08501686 String Quartet

Duration: Approx. 3:28

21. Chanukah Fantasia NEW!

Coreen Duffy

USC Chamber Singers; Jo-Michael Scheibe, conductor
The soaring soprano solo adds drama to this work based on Israeli poet Jacob Fishman's poem of the oil that once gave light and hope in times of battle, now celebrated in the eight nights of Chanukah.

HL08501786 SATB divisi Chorus with Soprano Solo & Piano

Duration: Approx. 3:40


22. Mary, Mary! NEW!

Ken Berg

Chamber Choristers of the Birmingham Boys Choir; Ken Berg, Conductor
With its nod to Big Band music, this piece jumps with joy! The use of call and response in this setting offers plenty of educational opportunities. The energy builds, leading up to a big finish!

HL08501769 SATB Chorus & Piano

Duration: Approx. 3:35


23.Midnight Clear NEW!

Matthew D. Nielsen

Brigham Young University Singers; Dr. Ronald Staheli, conductor
Here is a fresh impression of a classic poem, bringing the message of peace in Christmas time. A gem for good high school choirs and beyond.

HL08501760 SATB divisi Chorus, a cappella

Duration: Approx. 4:20



24. Gaudete! NEW!

arr. Michael Engelhardt

University Women's Choir from Millikin University; Michael Engelhardt, Conductor
From Piae Cantiones (1582), this setting of "Gaudete!" is in a progressive style, yet well suited to the medieval melody. Its energy is derived from the accented rhythms and dance-like percussive elements, all adding to the joyous nature of this piece. With 4-Part Percussion accompaniment (available separately).

HL08501778 SSA divisi Chorus & Percussion
HL08501789 Full Score & Percussion Parts

Duration: Approx. 4:50


25. The Rune of Hospitality NEW!

Alf Houkom

Bel Canto Company; Welborn Young, conductor
An intimate Gaelic text about the blessing of Christ, who walks the earth "in a stranger's guise." Well-suited for high school and beyond with a medium difficult guitar accompaniment.

HL08500032 ATB Chorus & Guitar
HL08500033 Guitar Part

Duration: Approx. 4:18



26. Tundra NEW!

Ola Gjeilo

Ole Miss Women's Glee; Debra Spurgeon, conductor
Scenes from Gjeilo's majestic native Norway inspired this contemporary poem. Words and music are fused in a poignant, yet lyrical work with a pulse of its own. An exellent festival choice for mature women's choirs.

HL08501772 for SSAA Chorus, Soprano Solo & Piano.

Duration: Approx. 3:30

HL08501794 TUNDRA Full Score and Optional String Quartet (or Ensemble) - now availbable through Hal Leonard or your dealer.


27. Mary Had a Baby NEW!

arr. Maria Thompson Corley

Baylor Women's Choir; Lynne Gackle, conductor
This lyrical setting is matched closely to the text. The easy divisi section adds harmonies to the setting. An excellent teaching piece and a fine choice for any Christmas program.

HL08501768 Two-Part Treble Chorus, with Soprano Solo & Piano

Duration: Approx. 2:35


28. Song to the Moon (La Luna) NEW!

Z. Randall Stroope

Cantabile Women's Chorus; Mark Sirett, conductor
Following last season's well-received mixed choir setting, this treble version adds a new palette of colors to this masterful work.

HL08501762 SSA Treble Chorus, Piano, Flute & Oboe
HL08501728 SATB divisi Chorus & Piano, Flute & Oboe

Duration: Approx. 6:00


29. I Want Jesus to Walk with Me NEW!

arr. Richard Nance

Arioso Seattle Children's Choir; Kris Mason, conductor
For the more advanced treble choirs, here is a welcome arrangement of a well-known spiritual. Originating in a funky bass line, the bluesy arrangement is developed, using the different placements of the voice for coloring. A great selection for festival programming!

HL08501758 Four-Part Treble Chorus & Piano

Duration: 4:43




30. Show-Down NEW!

Dan Davison

In true all-American style, fiddle and all, this lively hoedown takes you to a country barn where the musicians are squaring off to exhibit their musical prowess, making it appealing to all levels of men's choirs looking for a show stopper. Available following its premiere on July 29, 2011 at TCDA.

HL08501790 TTB Chorus, with Piano, Fiddle, and String Bass (optional Guitar, Banjo and Snare Drum included)

Duration: Approx. 3:30


31. Gloria Fanfare NEW!

Jeffery L. Ames

Belmont University Choir; Jeffery L. Ames, conductor
From last season's success, here is a new setting for men's chorus of this majestic fanfare with keyboard and trumpets. It is accessible for choirs of various sizes. An English text also makes it perfect for performances outside the holiday season!

HL08501767 TTBB Chorus, Keyboard & Two Trumpets
HL08501754 SATB divisi Chorus, Keyboard, Treble Descant, 2 Trumpets
HL08501776 Optional Brass & Percussion for (TTBB or SATB)

Duration: Approx. 2:40


32. On Music NEW!

David Dickau

Midway HighSchool Choir; Jeff Rice, conductor
A great choice for men's ensembles. The text is masterly set to describe music's wondrous powers, offering a chance for great expression in performances. With cello (part included).

HL08501779 TTBB Chorus, Cello & Piano

Duration: Approx. 2:40


33. Manly Men: A Chorus Extravaganza

Kurt Knecht

2002 New York All-State Men's Chorus; Jo-Michael Scheibe, conductor
A light-hearted choice for men's choir, the "extravaganza" pokes gentle fun at the male chorus singing tradition. Moderately easy.

HL08501442 TTBB a cappella

Duration: Approx. 4:50



34. Mashed Potatoes NEW!

Paul Carey

Illinois State University Belle Vois; Sarah J. Graham, conductor
This tongue-in-cheek piece for women is a true audience pleaser. It offers an excellent chance to teach good diction, to ensure that audiences don't miss the punch line! .

HL08501759 Treble Chorus, SSA & Piano

Duration: Approx. 2:35


35. Friendship NEW!

Anders Edenroth

Vocal Line; Jens Johansen, conductor
This edition of a vocal jazz original for the Real Group works just as well for choirs at the high school level and beyond as for vocal jazz ensembles. With friendship as a theme, the lyrics offer advice for those setting out on their lives' journey aboard the ship Destiny. A beautiful melody line and cool background rhythms makes this piece a standout program addition.

HL08501780 SSSAATBB Chorus, a cappella

Duration: Approx. 4:45


36. Pass Me the Jazz

Anders Edenroth

The Real Group
This up-tempo vocal jazz piece written for The Real Group features sections of scat singing. Left intentionally without dynamic markings, it is meant to get its "color" from the performers. El. Guitar may be substituted for the base voice.

HL08501784 SATBB Chorus, a cappella
HL08501792 Piano, Guitar, Electric Bass & Drum Parts

Duration: Approx. 3:30



37.a. She Weeps Over Rahoon NEW!

Eric Whitacre

West Orange High School-Bel Canto; Jeffery Redding, conductor
One of Eric Whitacre's earliest choral compositions, it has a distinctive oriental touch, lending mystique to the beautiful melody line. Great selection for the mature high school women and beyond.

HL08500167 SSA Chorus, English Horn & Piano

Duration: Approx. 4:40

37.b. Little Birds NEW!

Eric Whitacre

Central H.S. Concert Chorale, Davenport, IA Sally Riewerts, conductor
Imitating delicate birds in the morning light, this piece pays homage to Gabriel Fauré with its fluid sensual melodies. Great for high school, community choir and college—will be loved by singers and audience.

HL08501434 SATB & piano
HL08501440 Piano Part

Duration: Approx. 3:17

Let your singers experience the wonder of singing Eric Whitacre's music included in this just released CD. Lux Aurumque, Five Hebrew Love Songs, Three Songs of Faith, Leonardo, Sleep and Water Night can all be found in the Walton Music catalogue.

HL08753329 Light & Gold CD



38. Achieved Is the Glorious Work (from The Creation) NEW!

Franz Joseph Haydn/arr. Russell Robinson

Panther Creek High School Chamber Choir; Brad Bensen, Conductor
The well-loved movement from F.J. Haydn's Creation, here in an excellent setting for choirs with developing voices. A fine classic for school and church, it will become a favorite with both choir and audience.

HL08501773 SAB Chorus & Piano

Duration: Approx. 3:10


39. Fantoches (Marionettes) NEW!

Claude Debussy/arr. Alan Raines

Women's Choir of Stetson University; Alan Raines, conductor

The words by French poet Paul Verlaine set the frivolous tone for the women's mature voices. The playful vocal setting is matched by an elaborate piano accompaniment. This brief vignette will add spice to your concert program.

HL08501757 SSA Chorus & Piano

Duration: Approx. 2:10


40. I Will Sing New Songs of Gladness NEW!

Antonin Dvorak/arr. Jon Washburn

Vancouver Chamber Choir; Jon Washburn, conductor

This uplifting arrangement offers one of Dvorak's Biblical Songs in a choral setting that can be sung a cappella as well as with Dvorak's original piano accompaniment. The perfect masterwork to add to your programming!

HL08501785 SATB Chorus divisi, a cappella, or with original Piano Part

Duration: Approx. 2:40



41. Dominus Vobiscum NEW!

Sydney Guillaume

RSVP Choir; Julie Adams, conductor

This work, with text by the composer's father, urges us to seek God within us. For college and advanced high school choirs, it is sung in Creole with a full English translation provided in the program notes.

HL08501782 SATB Chorus divisi, with baritone solo, a cappella

Duration: Approx. 7:00


42. Ego Sum NEW!

Sydney Guillaume

The Illinois Wesleyan University Collegiate Choir;

Sung in French, Gabriel Guillaume's text is a dialog between man and his God. This beautiful and rewarding work requires a mature choir-advanced high school or college. A full English translation is included in the program notes.

HL08501783 SATBB Chorus, a cappella

Duration: Approx. 7:40


43. Dark Night of the Soul NEW!

Ola Gjeilo

Phoenix Chorale; Charles Bruffy, conductor

The epic music and medieval, mystical text blend in this 14-minute one-movement major work, shifting between shadows and light. With a prominent piano presence and a string quartet background, this is a stellar work for larger, accomplished choirs.

HL08501791 SSAATTBB Chorus & Piano
String Quartet available through the Publisher-info@waltonmusic.com.

Duration: Approx. 14:00

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