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1. Regina Coeli NEW!

Dan Davison

Puget Sound Youth Ensemble; Dan Davison, conductor
This dramatic work uses the sound and methods of the late Baroque period as introduction to the classics. Tenor and bass parts have limited ranges that will work well with any age, including those with a changing voice. Great teaching and per-formance piece!

HL08501812 TB Chorus & Piano

Duration: Approx. 3:00


2. Cherokee Rose NEW!

James E. Green

The Chowan University Women's Chorus; Dr. Gregory Parker, conductor
This song tells the sorrowful legend of the Cherokee Rose, that grows wherever a Native American mother's tears have fallen. Multiple voicing option allows you to choose what suits your choir, from middle school and beyond. Substitution between voice parts and instruments gives you further options.

HL08501797 2 Part Voices, Optional Solo, Violin, Optional Instruments

Duration: Approx. 3:30


3. Der Tanz NEW!

Music by Franz Schubert/arr. Russell Robinson

Panther Creek High School Chamber Choir; Brad Bensen, conductor
This brief, up-tempo, joyous song from early 1800-hundred programs easily, showing off young choirs singing a foreign language: first verse in German and the second in English. Easy learning with excellent performance notes!

HL08501820 SAB Chorus & Piano

Duration: Approx. 2:00


4. Dreams of Thee NEW!

Eric Barnum

Kantorei, Richard Larson, conductor
An excellent work for beginning high school choir, with flowing lines, contained ranges and straightforward accompani-ment. Engaging romantic poetry by Percy Bysshe Shelley will appeal to maturing young singers. The optional C instrument enhances the lyrical texture of a wonderful concert piece.

HL08501582 SAB & Piano with Optional C Instrument

Duration: Approx. 6:30


5. The Rainbow NEW!

David N. Childs

Le Petit Chæur; Lynne Gackle, conductor
Just right for your young voice, this work received instant, enthusiastic response from the start. Christina Rosetti's lovely poem inspired David Childs to write this gorgeous work. It offers ample opportuni-ties for the developing voices to express the beautiful imagery of the text.

HL08501659 SA & Piano

Duration: Approx. 3:45


6. The Earth Adorned

Waldemar Åhlén

Hal Leonard studio singers
A classic work from the Swedish choral tradition, it is sung every year at the start of the summer holidays by thousands of school choirs. Its hymn-like simplicity and unstrained lines make it an excellent addition to concert and worship services. For developing voices as well as mixed choirs of all ages. English text.

HL08500002 SSA a cappella
HL08500102 SATB a cappella

Duration: Approx. 2:00




7. Bumble Bee NEW!

Anders Edenroth

The Real Kids
Mixed choirs are still humming from last season's success. Now also for treble voices with piano—ad-vanced middle school choirs on up to seniors will join the never resting bees buzzing about the true wonders of life. Unforgettable!

HL08501821 SSAA Chorus & Piano
HL08501766 HL08501747 SSAATB a cappella with Optional String Electric Bass repl. TB, & Guitar
HL08501822 Piano Part (for performance) SSAA; SATB Optional

Duration: Approx. 3:30


8. Two Strings But One Voice NEW!     

Z. Randall Stroope

Panther Creek High School Women's Ensemble; Brad Bensen, conductor
A dramatic setting that, while accessible, requires a mature performance of this beautiful work. The poem, central to this composition, tells about a man with little hope for a good life, longing for love. A selection that will stand out in your program.

HL08501823 SSAA Chorus & Piano

Duration: Approx. 4:50


9. Hexenlied (Witches' Song) NEW!

Felix Mendelssohn arr. Paul Neal

VSU Chamber Singers; Paul Neal, conductor
This lively and rhythmic arrangement, with a fiery piano accompaniment, tells of witches preparing for pagan rites. From the frenzied festivities to the arrival of the tender beauty of spring, this master work gives your choir many dramatic oppor-tunities. German text with translation.

HL08501805 SSA Chorus & Piano

Duration: Approx. 3:00


10. Shout All Over God's Heaven NEW!

arr. Michelle Roueché

Brenau University Chamber Choir; Michelle Roueché, conductor
Let your women's choir loose in this swing-ing spiritual! It is easy and fun to sing, building to an impressive ending. Good closer or encore in your concert program!

HL08501803 SSA Treble Chorus, a cappella

Duration: Approx. 1:45


11. El Vito NEW!

arr. Joni Jensen

Texas Woman's University Concert Choir; Joni Jensen, conductor
Just right for women's choirs looking for a playful challenge, here is an arrangment of the Spanish folk song that culminates in a whirling ending! Accompanied by hand claps, and sung in Spanish, with English translation floating above the music. Impressive!

HL08501798 SSAA Treble Chorus & Piano

Duration: Approx: 3:57



12. Music In The Night NEW!

David C. Dickau

Minnesota State University Concert Choir; David Dickau, conductor
An imaginative poem lent inspiration to this beautiful work, well suited for mature high school choirs and beyond. Marked “Passionately,” it allows for the choir to excel, creating a deep vocal texture. A straight four-part setting with “light divisi.”

HL08501801 SATB Chorus & Piano

Duration: Approx. 5:55


13. I Got A Key NEW!

arr. Joni Jensen

The Texas Voices; Alan Dyer, conductor
In the spirit of tradi-tional spirituals, the arranger has put her own ‘stamp' on the work with a robust sound and unified and vigor-ous articulation. With divisi parts in both soprano and bass, this work will require amature choir to bring out the full color.

HL08501800 SATB divisi Chorus, a cappella

Duration: Approx. 2:45


14. Siyahamba (We Are Marching in the Light of God) & Pelo TsaRona (Halleluya! We Sing Your Praises) NEW!

arr. Anders Nyberg

Fjedur Singers; Anders Nyberg, conductor
Two of the best-loved South African songs under the same cover. Both come from the collection Freedom Is Coming. For school and/or church, these pieces offer some-thing different in harmony and language, with text in English and Zulu.

HL08501787 SATB Chorus, a cappella, & Percussion (3 Players)
HL08501504 SATB a cappella
HL08500021 Freedom Is Coming SATB Book only
HL08501446 Freedom Is Coming SATB Book/CD

Duration: Approx. 3:00


15. Prés d'amour NEW!

Corrado Margutti

Corale Roberto Goitre, Torino; Corrado Margutti, conductor
This impressionistic work is a lovely celebra-tion of youthful romance of the past, set in springtime Italy. Heartfelt harmonies and intense melodies create the background to a tenor solo. Excellent for high schools and beyond; in French with the English transla-tion streaming over the music.

HL08501816 SATB Chorus with tenor Solo, a cappella

Duration: Approx. 3:30



16. Zigeunerleben NEW!

Robert Schumann

VocalEssence Ensemble Singers; Philip Brunelle, conductor
A true popular classic, this fresh edition is your op-portunity to share the image that the composer paints of European gypsy life in the early 1800's. A high school essential. Triangle and tam-bourine parts are included. In German with English subtext.

HL08501832 SATB Chorus, Solos & Piano, Optional Percussion included

Duration: Approx. 3:30


17. Morning Song (Cherokee "Amaz-ing Grace") NEW!

arr James E. Green

Oxford High School Choirs; Christopher Card, conductor
A new voicing of the enthusiastically received three-part version. It is based on the same peace-ful, yet haunting Native American theme, fused with one of our most most familiar songs. Accessible for many choirs with different resources, this song is an excel-lent teaching and performance selection!

HL08501810 SATB Chorus, Descant Recorder, Shaker & Drum
HL08501745 3 Part any comb., Descant, Recorder, Shaker & Drum

Duration: Approx. 3:45


18. Sweet Vale of Avoca

arr. Clif Hardin

The River Road Singers; Clif Hardin, conductor
The text by Thomas Moore places this Irish air from early 1800 in an idyllic river valley. In a dreamy tone with simple four part singing in easy ranges, it is an excellent selection for high school choirs.

HL08501818 SATB Chorus & Piano

Duration: Approx. 3:50


19. Old Dan TuckerNEW!

arr. Carol Barnett

Panther Creek High School Chamber Choir; Brad Bensen, conductor
An imaginative setting of this well-known folk song allows the choir to “take the stage.” Marked “boisterous,” it still asks at-tention from the choir, with tricky rhythms and quick turns and twists. Several unison sections and easy ranges will help the choir to have fun from your first rehearsal!

HL08501802 SATB Chorus & Piano

Duration: Approx. 3:00


20. Tshotsholoza (Go Forward) NEW!

Adapted by Jeffery L. Ames

Belmont University Choir; Jeffery L. Ames, conductor
Don't miss this extremely popular rendi-tion of a South African freedom song that is also the “unofficial” national anthem and its “battle call.” With congas, djembe and a strong engagement from the choir, it will be an extraordinary experience for the choir and audience alike.

HL08501764 SATB divisi Chorus, Tenor Solo, Congas & Djembe
HL08501546 TTBB Chorus, Tenor Solo & Optional Percussion

Duration: Approx. 2:00

21. She Walks In Beauty NEW!

Kevin Memley

The Kevin A. Memley Studio; Kevin Memley, conductor
The perfect selection for high school choirs and beyond, this sensitive setting of Lord Byron's timeless poem offers drama and nuances to be expressed by the choir. A true gem.

HL08501815 SATB divisi Chorus & Piano

Duration: Approx. 3:00


22. Peze Kafé NEW!

arr. Sten Källman

Vocal Ensemble Amanda, Gothenburg, Sweden
A colorful ar-rangement of folk music from Haiti. Lots of fun rhythms and sounds keep this piece going in a steady beat, with drums and easy percussion. The music allows for movement and theatrical effects. Sung in Haitian, it has frequent repetitions of text and music, making it easier than it sounds!

HL08501819 SATB Chorus, with Percussion

Duration: Approx. 5:00



23.Hodie Christus Natus Est NEW!

Agneta Sköld

The Hjo Church Youth Choir, Sweden; Mats Bertilsson, conductor
This bright and joyous work by a well known Swedish composer can be performed with or without the optional liturgical chant in the beginning. It is a great choice for a jubilant Christmas concert opener.

HL08501831 SSAA divisi Chorus, a cappella

Duration: Approx. 3:00

24. Prayers of Kierkegaard NEW!

Michael Cox

Men's Chorus from Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, TX; Michael Cox, conductor
For the mature male choir, this stunning, chant-like setting consists of three different prayers revealing the full depth of the Kierkegaard text. Although not vocally difficult, the quality of the interpretation lies in the natural flow and meaning of this powerful text.

HL08501811 TTBB Chorus, a cappella

Duration: Approx. 4:00


25. Resonet in Laudibus/ Sing Out, Dear Children NEW!

Michael Praetorius/ Edited by William Braun

VocalEssence Ensemble Singers; Philip Brunelle, conductor
A Baroque gem and early master work (1621), in modern notation for today's choirs. Fit the performance to your re-sources: Sing in English, German or Latin; instruments may replace voices; strings may be added. However performed, this great music brings a most rewarding expe-rience.

HL08501807 SSAATB Chorus, with Continuo & Optional Strings
HL08501808 Full Score & String Parts

Duration: Approx. 4:00

More information for Resonet In Laudibus


26. Sanctus NEW!

Jan Sandström

Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble; Erik Westberg, conductor
Free meter, contained ranges, and sensible repetition make this a joy to learn and perform. A simple, gentle setting of the tra-ditional Latin lyric relies on contemporary harmonies which hearken back to early re-ligious music. Works well for both worship and concert.

HL08501364 SATB, unaccompanied.

Duration: Approx. 5:00


27. The Ground NEW!

Ola Gjeilo

ASU Schola Cantorum; Kira Rugen, conductor
This luscious setting of the Latin text, was an immediate favor-ite with numerous choirs! Based on a chorale motif from the last movement of his Sunrise Mass, the composer has developed the beautiful melody into a free-standing anthem.

HL08501774 SATB Chorus divisi, Piano
HL08501796 Optional String Quartet or Ensemble

Duration: Approx. 3:30



28. All Creatures of our God and King NEW!

arr. Anders Edenroth

Recording produced by Hamptones Music
Combining one of our best loved hymns with the rhythmic vocal jazz background makes this a stunning cross-over work to be enjoyed by both singers and audience. The eight part arrangement will work very well even with a smaller, but strong group of singers. A work that will surely bring light and joy to your program!

HL08501840 SSSAATBB Chorus, a cappella

Duration: Approx. 4:50


29. Away in a Manger NEW!

Ola Gjeilo

Nova Chamber Choir, Oslo, Norway; Anne Karin Sundal, conductor
The familiar melody is intro-duced by a lovely soprano solo, sung by either adult or child. The choir joins with smooth, deep textures that sets this exquisite arrange-ment apart. At the same time innocent and sophisti-cated, it is equally suitable for school or church. Not to be missed in your holiday program.

HL08501835 SATB Chorus, Soprano Solo, a cappella

Duration: 4:10


30. The Holly and The Ivy NEW!

Ola Gjeilo

Phoenix Chorale; Charles Bruffy, conductor
Don't miss this superb fresh new setting. It will bring out the very best in your choir. Accessible ranges and simple divisi make this joyous arrange-ment suitable for high school level and beyond.

HL08501836 SSAATTBB Chorus, a cappella

Duration: Approx. 3:30

Christmas Carols - Volume 2 (4 pieces) NEW!

In addition to the two carols above, this volume volume includes excellent arrangements of Coventry Carol (SSAATTBB) and The First Noel (SSAATTBB) which can be selected individually or as a group by choirs in school and church alike singing at a mature high school level and beyond.


Coventry Carol - Volume 2 NEW!

The First Nowell - Volume 2 NEW!

Away in a Manger - Volume 2 NEW!

The Holly and The Ivy - Volume 2 NEW!


31. Christmas Carols - Volume 1 (3 pieces) NEW!

Ola Gjeilo

Phoenix Chorale; Charles Bruffy, conductor
This volume includes three outstanding arrangements written for choirs with mature ranges and divisi capacity: O Come, O Come Come Emanuel; In the Bleak Midwinter and God Rest You Merry Gentlemen.

HL08501833 SSAATTBB Chorus, a cappella

Oh Come, O Come Come Emanuel - Volume 1 NEW!

In The Bleak Midwinter - Volume 1 NEW!

God Rest You Merry Gentlemen - Volume 1 NEW!


32. Waltz for an Open Sleigh NEW!

Dan Davison

Puget Sound Vocal Ensemble; Dan Davison, conductor
An original setting to Jingle Bells words. With a playful flute part it is easy to prepare and results in a very rewarding experience! Suitable for most mixed choirs with a feel for jazz waltzing, this will be the piece to hum all winter long!

HL08501813 SATB Chorus, with Piano, Flute & Electric Bass

Duration: Approx. 3:10


33. Love Came Down at Christmas

Music by Edwin R. Fissinger/ arr. Mary K. Geston

Luther College Choir; Sandra Peter, conductor
A great arrangement for women's voices of Edwin Fissinger's much loved composition. Christina Rossetti's poem lends its warmth to the wondrous Christmas message. An excellent selection for any quality holiday concert.

HL08501817 SSAA divisi Chorus, a cappella

Duration: Approx. 2:25


34. Go Tell It On The Mountain NEW!

arr. Michael Engelhardt

The Millikin University Women's Choir; Michael Engelhardt, conductor
Expect the unexpected here! With tempo marking "16th Shuffle Funk," this setting for SSA choir offers an optional ad-lib solo that should be performed in contemporary gospel style. A large choir with four per-cussionists will bring out all of its effects. Great closer, encore or festival selection! .

HL08501814 SSA Chorus, Piano & Rhythm Section
HL08501824 Electric Bass, Drum Set

Duration: Approx. 4:00



35. Hidden in Light NEW!

Stanford E. Scriven

Magnum Chorum; Christopher Aspaas, conductor
This work celebrates the beauty revealed in nature's glory. A fine showcase for your choir, this work is a good opportunity for a larger high school choir to explore dynamics, beautiful phrasing and the sensitive bonding between text and music.

HL08501799 SATB divisi Chorus, a cappella

Duration: Approx. 3:30


36. Dark Night of the Soul

Ola Gjeilo

Phoenix Chorale; Charles Bruffy, conductor
Inspired by the grace and passion of a medieval poem, this extended work offers intense dramatic exchanges between choir, piano and string quartet. Sentiments of stillness and peace are beautifully written for the singers. For them as well as for the audience, this music will stay with all for a long time!

HL08501791 SSAATTBB Chorus & Piano
HL08501825 Strings, Piano, Full Score
HL08501826 Full Score Only

Duration: Approx. 14:00


37.a. Serenity (O Magnum Mysterium) NEW!

Ola Gjeilo

Sofia Vocal Ensemble; Bengt Ollén, conductor
Here is a stunningly beautiful work for medium-advanced choirs. Long phrases with a symphonic, abundant feel, uses the traditional Latin text for this spiritual concert work. Parts included.

HL08501809 SSAATTBB Chorus, with Violin or Cello

Duration: Approx. 6:00


38. Sunrise Mass NEW!

Ola Gjeilo

Nova Chamber Choir & Majorstua Chamber Choir; Tore Erik Mohn, conductor
This spiritual, extended work uses the liturgical Latin text. The four movements bring us on a metaphysical journey from the heavens to earth, from the echo of the Spheres (Kyrie) to Identity (Sanctus) & The Ground with its earthly themes. Neither expressively sacred or secular, an exquisite work for advanced high school level and beyond.

HL08501827 Symphonic Mass for SSAATTBB Chorus
HL08501828 Full Score & String Parts, 6/6/4/4/2 included
HL08501829 Full Score Only

Duration: Approx. 30:00



39. Armonia NEW!

Dan Davison

Tacoma Youth Chorus Young Men's Choir; Kyle Haugen, conductor

Let's romance! This Spanish bolero-style serenade to the harmony of music will be a favorite with men's choirs of all ages. With piano, but ideally with marimba, when available. English translation shown above the music.

HL08501806 TTB or TTBB & Piano with Optional Marimba

Duration: Approx. 3:35


40. I Carry Your Heart with Me NEW!

David Dickau

The Viking Chorus of St. Olaf College; Christopher Aspaas, conductor

Here is Dickau's arrangement for men's voices of the beautiful love poem by e.e. cummings. It is an impressive, yet romantically intimate piece, suited for festival high school, college and beyond.

HL08501727 TTBB Chorus & Piano
HL08501697 SATB Chorus & Piano

Duration: Approx. 4:50


41. Manly Men: A Chorus Extravaganza NEW!

Kurt Knecht

2002 New York All-State Men's Chorus; Jo-Michael Scheibe, conductor

A light-hearted choice for men's choir, the "extravaganza" pokes gentle fun at the male chorus singing tradition. Moderately easy.

HL08501442 TTBB a cappella

Duration: Approx. 4:50


42. Gaudete! NEW!

arr. Michael Engelhardt

University of Kentucky Men's Chorus; Dr. Jefferson Johnson, conductor

Following the enthusiastic reception by treble choirs, here it is for men. The pro-gressive style is well suited for the medieval melody from Piae Cantiones (1582). The markings are "Strong, and Biting," "Rhythmic, with Joy" and "Accented, Dancing," showing the various moods of this piece.

HL08501830 TTBB divisi Chorus & Percussion
HL08501778 SSA divisi Chorus & Percussion
HL08501789 Full Score & Percussion Parts

Duration: Approx. 4:14



43. Lux Aurumque NEW!

Eric Whitacre

The Master Chorale of Tampa Bay, Jo-Michael Scheibe, conductor

One of the composer's most important choral works, this setting is a piece of elegant simplicity. The tight harmonies require a well-trained a cappella choir. Moderately difficult.

HL08501418 SATB divisi, a cappella
HL08501528 TTBB a cappella

Duration: Approx. 3:05


44. Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine NEW!

Eric Whitacre

Brigham Young University Singers; Ronald Staheli, conductor

One of the hallmark works by contempo-rary master Eric Whitacre, this masterpiece features a dazzling text by Charles Anthony Silvestri (text author of Sleep). The remarkable libretto bréve explores da Vinci's dreams of flying and incorporates Italian fragments drawn directly from da Vinci's own notebooks, while the refined music blends elements of Italian madrigal and contemporary style to reflect the elegance of the text, creating an exotic hybrid of old and new. In Italian and English. Absolutely magnificent!

HL08501444 SSATB & Percussion

Duration: Approx. 8:45



45. Luminous Night of the Soul NEW!

Ola Gjeilo

Cantare Houston; Kevin Riehle, conductor

This moving, lush and symphonic work with piano and strings has a contrasting brighter, lighter feel to Dark Night of the Soul. Added contemporary text describes the divine spirit of all art. An outstanding work!

HL08501837 SSAATTBB Chorus, Piano & String Quartet
HL08501838 Strings, Piano, Full Score
HL08501839 Full Score Only

Duration: Approx. 10:40

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