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1. Te Deum Anniversary Edition (K. 141 66b) NEW!

W.A. Mozart, ed. Mason Martens, with new commentary by Dr. Lynne Gackle

Arnold Schoenberg Choir led by Erwin Ortner / Concentus Musicus Wien, Nikolaus Harnoncourt, conductor; Courtesy of Warner Classics, Warner Music UK Ltd. (P) 1994 Teldec Classics International GmbH Taken from Mozart 250th Anniversary Edition "Complete Sacred Works" 2564 623376-2 www.warnerclassics.com
New performance notes by renowned youth choral expert Dr. Lynne Gackle offer insight on how to make this piece work for school-aged singers. Accessible to most choirs, it can be sung in Latin or in English, with optional instrumental parts available for rental. choir!

HL08501575 - SATB with Piano or Orchestra

Duration: Approx 7:30


2. Gloria in D (RV 589) NEW!

Antonio Vivaldi, ed. Mason Martens

"Domine Fili Unigenite," Max Murphy Singers, Max Murphy, conductor
Vivaldi's best known masterwork for solo voices, mixed chorus and keyboard reduction! First published in 1960, this edition includes extensive editorial notes on score revisions and performance practice, and it remains the preferred performance edition. Optional orchestral parts are available for rental; please visit waltonmusic.com for details. Several individual movements from this work are also published separately.

HL08500203 - SATB, piano or orchestra

Duration: Approx. 30:00 (entire work)


3. Water Night NEW!

Eric Whitacre/text by Octavio Paz

Brigham Young University Singers, Ronald Staheli, conductor
This emotive work for divisi choir uses an advanced palette of harmonic colors for a shimmering and mysterious effect. It has become a popular choice for festivals and concerts nationwide. Sets an English translation of text by Octavio Paz.

HL08500040 - SATB divisi, unaccompanied

Duration: Approx. 5:15



4. Still, Still, Still NEW!

Arr. Norman Luboff

San Jose State Choraliers, Charlene Archibeque, conductor
One of Walton's best-loved works of all time, this Christmas standard belongs in the repertoire of every choir. Also available for women's and men's voices. Simply the best arrangement of this favorite Austrian carol!

HL08501008 - SATB and Piano
HL08501176 - SSA and Piano
HL08500594 - TTBB and Piano

Duration: Approx. 3:00


5. Gaudete NEW!

Arr. Anders Öhrwall

Soli Deo Gloria Cantorum, Almeda Berkey, music director
Written for the Swedish Radio Youth Choir, the ten songs included in this choral suite are drawn from Sweden's oldest songbook for schools (Piae Cantiones, 1582). The adaptable instrumental accompaniment may be played as written by three woodwinds, by piano or organ, or with other instruments. Selections may be performed individually, or the narrative readings provided in the score may be used when performing the entire suite, telling the Christmas story. Excellent for young choirs, church and community choirs. Moderately easy.

HL08500297 - SATB, accompanied
HL08500298 - instrumental parts (flute, oboe, bassoon)

Duration: Approx. 22:00


6. Away in a Manger

Arr. Paul Sjolund

Kantorei, Richard Larson, conductor
A sweetly melodic setting of the familiar carol, with contained vocal ranges and accessible accompaniment, this makes a wonderful choice for Christmas concerts or services. Includes a solo for soprano, small group, or even children's choir.

HL08500371 - Mixed Chorus, Organ or Piano, optional Flute

Duration: Approx. 4:00



7. In Remembrance

Jeffery L. Ames

Florida State University Chamber Singers, André Thomas, conductor
Performed to much acclaim by the 2005 National ACDA HS Honor Choir conducted by Jeffery Redding, this moving tribute by talented composer Ames will touch the hearts of your choir and listeners alike. This versatile piece can be used for concerts, memorial services, or other assemblies where serious and uplifting music is a necessity. The horn part is also available for C and B-flat instruments.

HL08501547 - SATB divisi with Piano and F Horn

Duration: Approx. 5:00


8. Ave Maria NEW!     

Javier Busto

University of Mississippi Concert Singers, Jerry Jordan, conductor
This stunning work from internationally renowned Spanish composer Javier Busto has become a standard concert and festival work, and it's easy to understand why. With sensitive dynamic shadings and delicate harmonies throughout, it is simply beautiful!

HL08500076 - SATB a cappella

Duration: Approx. 2:40


9. Set Me as a Seal NEW!

Richard Nance

Choir of the West, Richard Nance, conductor
An exquisite setting of a love poem from the Song of Solomon features soaring vocal lines, dynamic contrasts and a sweeping accompaniment for piano and French horn. The Romantic nuance of the work is masterfully handled and its depth of expression is perfectly suited to the meaningful text. Extraordinary!

HL08501411 - SATB, Piano and F Horn
HL08501461 - SSAA, Piano and F Horn

Duration: Approx. 4:30


10. Laudate NEW!

Knut Nystedt

Max Murphy Singers, Max Murphy, conductor
This energetic work's simple A-B-A structure facilitates quick learning. Easy Latin text, comfortable ranges and naturally flowing mixed meter make this a terrific teaching piece that still shines in concert.

HL08500158 - SATB a cappella

Duration: Approx. 1:45



11. Chili Con Carne NEW EDITION!

Anders Edenroth

The Real Group
You have to hear this to believe it! As performed by the sensational Swedish vocal group "The Real Group," this is a cappella vocal jazz with clever lyrics and delightful syncopations that are much easier to feel than they look on paper. It will be well worth the time you put into it, as many satisfied vocal ensembles have already found out!

HL08501651 - SSATB unaccompanied

Duration: Approx. 3:30


12. Adorable Flujo (Cosmic Flow) NEW!

Paul Basler

The Tampa Festival of Voices HS Choir, Jo-Michael Scheibe, conductor
A joyous and challenging work for younger choirs, the words by California poet Gabriel Navar speak in beautiful imagery of nature and the joy of living. Basler's accessible writing makes this a fine festival or competition piece. In Spanish, with easy phonetic line inset in the score. Moderately difficult.

HL08501421 - SATB with Piano, optional F Horn

Duration: Approx. 2:20


13. Stars I Shall Find NEW!

David Dickau

Donald Brinegar Singers, Donald Brinegar, conductor
Sara Teasdale's expressive poetry is given a lush, romantic setting in a fine original work for more capable choirs. A conductors' choice for all-state concerts and regional choral festivals, this continues to be sung year after year.

HL08501496 - SATB divisi with Piano
HL08501605 - TTBB with Piano

Duration: Approx. 4:45


14. Amor de Mi Alma (You Are the Love of My Soul) NEW!

Z. Randall Stroope

University of Miami Chorale, Jo-Michael Scheibe, conductor
This profound work sets a stunning 16th century love poem by Garcilaso de la Vega. The moving and deeply emotive composition contains a rich harmonic language and lucid vocal lines that are both expressive and masterfully written without excessive demands in range or vocal color. Perform this in Spanish as a splendid a cappella choral rendering, or use the tasteful piano accompaniment for a concert feature of rare and distinct beauty.

HL08501427 - SATB divisi, optional Piano
HL08501615 - TTBB, optional Piano

Duration: Approx. 5:10



15. Kalinda NEW!

Sydney Guillaume

University of Miami Chorale, Jo-Michael Scheibe, conductor
Spice up your concert's close with exciting Latin rhythms and a Creole text. A fun challenge for an accomplished, larger high school choir, and a sure audience-pleaser!

HL08501493 SATB divisi, unaccompanied

Duration: Approx. 3:40


16. Lux Aeterna

Edwin Fissinger

Quire of Voyces, Nathan J. Kreitzer conductor
One of Fissinger's best-loved works for large, motivated choirs. In Latin. Simply glorious!

HL08500469 - SATB divisi, unaccompanied

Duration: Approx. 7:20


17. A Procession Winding Around Me NEW!

Jeffrey Van

Florida State University Singers, Kevin Fenton, conductor
This important work has become a stalwart of college-level repertoire. An intense setting of Four Civil War Poems by Walt Whitman, it is rhythmically and harmonically challenging, with a demanding guitar part.

HL08500277 - SATB and Guitar
HL08500278 - Guitar Part

Duration: Approx. 20:00



18. Who Can Sail? (Vem Kan Segla Förutan Vind?) NEW!

Arr. Carl-Bertil Agnestig

Shenandoah Valley Children's Choir, Julia White, conductor
Based on a simple Swedish/Finnish folk melody, this beautiful message of friendship has been sung by choirs worldwide. The adaptable piano part can be played as written, or modified based on the chord symbols included in the score. Can be sung in English or Swedish, or repeated and sung once in each language.

HL08500074 - Two Part Treble Choir, Descant, and Piano

Duration: Approx. 1:30


19. Dreams of Thee

Eric William Barnum

Millbrook High School Madrigal Singers, Brad Bensen, conductor
An excellent work for junior high or beginning high school choir, with flowing lines, contained ranges and straightforward accompaniment. Engaging romantic poetry by Percy Bysshe Shelley will appeal to maturing young singers. An optional C instrument part enhances the lyrical texture of this wonderful concert work.

HL08501582 - SAB with Piano, optional C instrument    

Duration: Approx. 6:30


20. Follow the Drinking Gourd NEW!

Arr. Dan Davison

Max Murphy Singers, Max Murphy, conductor
This lively and effective arrangement of a traditional slave song retells a compelling story about the road to freedom. Syncopated rhythms and a variety of hand-held percussion give the setting a nice motion, and the sensible voice ranges are composed expressly for the young mixed choir. Very nicely done!

HL08501488 - SAB, Piano and Percussion

Duration: Approx. 3:40



21. Come Travel With Me NEW!

Scott Farthing

University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory Men's Chorus, Richard Nickerson, conductor
Walt Whitman's Song of the Open Road is the basis for this expansive and melodic original composition that is perfectly suited to the young male or mixed chorus. Limited range melodies and chordal harmonies soar over an active piano accompaniment, creating an expressive sound tapestry that will captivate both singers and listeners alike. Free-spirited and fun!

HL08501432 - TTB with Piano
HL08501454 - SATB with Piano

Duration: Approx. 2:30

22. Colorado Trail NEW!

Arr. Norman Luboff

University of North Carolina at Greensboro Men's Glee Club, Cory Alexander, conductor
A classic of Americana, this masterful version makes the most of the rich sonorities possible with a male choir.

HL08500590 - TTBB with Piano
HL08501092 - SATTBB with Piano

Duration: Approx. 2:50


23. Out of the Morning NEW!

Daniel J. Hall

Donald Brinegar Singers, Donald Brinegar, conductor
Simple and sweet melody for high school SA voices, setting a wistful poem by Emily Dickinson. Good balance of unison, harmony and counterpoint parts. Includes a compelling piano accompaniment

HL08501477 - SA with Piano

Duration: Approx. 5:00


24. Sail Away With Me NEW!

Lane Johnson

Brigham Young University Singers - Women, Ronald Staheli, conductor
A simple and tender work set to an anonymous American folk lyric. The music beautifully reflects a young lady's gentle plea to her father to build her a boat so she and her love can sail across the ocean. Contained vocal ranges, simple harmonies and an accessible, supportive piano accompaniment make this perfect for junior high or high school women's choruses.

HL08501592 - SSA with Piano

Duration: Approx. 2:30



25. Aftonen (Evening) NEW!

Hugo Alfvén

Eric Ericson Chamber Choir, Eric Ericson, conductor
This expansive work is a rich sound painting in the Nordic choral tradition. The gentle fall of dusk is musically rendered with ethereal harmonies and hints of distant horn calls through the frozen mountains. A conductors' favorite for all-state and festival choirs.

HL08500856 -- SATB divisi, unaccompanied
HL08501511 - TTBB, unaccompanied

Duration: Approx. 3:40


26. Ave Maris Stella NEW!

Trond Kverno

Lancaster Chorale, Robert Trocchia, conductor
A favorite by this Norwegian composer, its complexity and dynamic range will electrify the audience. In Latin, with English translation provided for reference.

HL08500142 - SATB double choir, unaccompanied

Duration: Approx. 6:10



27. All My Trials

Arr. Norman Luboff

Soli Deo Gloria Cantorum, Almeda Berkey, music director
This simple spiritual from the Bahamas has a thoughtful message in a lovely musical setting. A true classic which has been in the high school repertoire for years!

HL08501075 - SATB, unaccompanied

Duration: Approx. 3:20


28. Tell My Ma NEW!

Arr. Jon Washburn

Vancouver Chamber Choir, Jon Washburn, conductor
Rollicking and upbeat, this playful setting of a traditional Irish children's song is accented with hand clapping and foot stomping and could readily accommodate other choreography. Contained ranges and familiar harmonies enhance its accessibility and make it an easily programmed winner! From the acclaimed arranger of Tango to Evora.

HL08501572 - SATB divisi, unaccompanied

Duration: Approx. 2:55


29. Ubi Caritas NEW!

Ola Gjeilo

VocalEssence Ensemble Singers, Philip Brunelle, conductor
With a sound at once modern and medieval, this remarkable setting of the familiar Latin text starts in unison and evokes plain chant, and gradually unfolds into wider harmonies and more modern harmonic language. Not unduly challenging in terms of vocal range, it's readily accessible to good high school mixed choirs for concerts or festivals at any time of year.

HL08501631 SATB a cappella

Duration: Approx. 3:00

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