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50 years of timeless choral music


Duration: 17:13


In the right column you will find audio controls for the full tracks listed within the Sampler excerpt.


Be sure to check out the full listing of this year's publication on our 2012 Sampler Page. There you will find full tracks of each song. You might also be interested in our FREE CD Sampler.

12. Music In The Night NEW!

David C. Dickau

Minnesota State University Concert Choir; David Dickau, conductor
An imaginative poem lent inspiration to this beautiful work, well suited for mature high school choirs and beyond. Marked “Passionately,” it allows for the choir to excel, creating a deep vocal texture. A straight four-part setting with “light divisi.”

HL08501801 SATB Chorus & Piano

Duration: Approx. 5:55

13. I Got A Key NEW!

arr. Joni Jensen

The Texas Voices; Alan Dyer, conductor
In the spirit of tradi-tional spirituals, the arranger has put her own ‘stamp' on the work with a robust sound and unified and vigor-ous articulation. With divisi parts in both soprano and bass, this work will require amature choir to bring out the full color.

HL08501800 SATB divisi Chorus, a cappella

Duration: Approx. 2:45

14. Siyahamba (We Are Marching in the Light of God) & Pelo TsaRona (Halleluya! We Sing Your Praises) NEW!

arr. Anders Nyberg

Fjedur Singers; Anders Nyberg, conductor
Two of the best-loved South African songs under the same cover. Both come from the collection Freedom Is Coming. For school and/or church, these pieces offer some-thing different in harmony and language, with text in English and Zulu.

HL08501787 SATB Chorus, a cappella, & Percussion (3 Players)
HL08501504 SATB a cappella
HL08500021 Freedom Is Coming SATB Book only
HL08501446 Freedom Is Coming SATB Book/CD

Duration: Approx. 3:00

15. Prés d'amour NEW!

Corrado Margutti

Corale Roberto Goitre, Torino; Corrado Margutti, conductor
This impressionistic work is a lovely celebra-tion of youthful romance of the past, set in springtime Italy. Heartfelt harmonies and intense melodies create the background to a tenor solo. Excellent for high schools and beyond; in French with the English transla-tion streaming over the music.

HL08501816 SATB Chorus with tenor Solo, a cappella

Duration: Approx. 3:30

16. Zigeunerleben NEW!

Robert Schumann

VocalEssence Ensemble Singers; Philip Brunelle, conductor
A true popular classic, this fresh edition is your op-portunity to share the image that the composer paints of European gypsy life in the early 1800's. A high school essential. Triangle and tam-bourine parts are included. In German with English subtext.

HL08501832 SATB Chorus, Solos & Piano, Optional Percussion included

Duration: Approx. 3:30

17. Morning Song (Cherokee “Amaz-ing Grace”) NEW!

arr James E. Green

Oxford High School Choirs; Christopher Card, conductor
A new voicing of the enthusiastically received three-part version. It is based on the same peace-ful, yet haunting Native American theme, fused with one of our most most familiar songs. Accessible for many choirs with different resources, this song is an excel-lent teaching and performance selection!

HL08501810 SATB Chorus, Descant Recorder, Shaker & Drum
HL08501745 3 Part any comb., Descant, Recorder, Shaker & Drum

Duration: Approx. 3:45

18. Sweet Vale of Avoca

arr. Clif Hardin

The River Road Singers; Clif Hardin, conductor
The text by Thomas Moore places this Irish air from early 1800 in an idyllic river valley. In a dreamy tone with simple four part singing in easy ranges, it is an excellent selection for high school choirs.

HL08501818 SATB Chorus & Piano

Duration: Approx. 3:50

19. Old Dan TuckerNEW!

arr. Carol Barnett

Panther Creek High School Chamber Choir; Brad Bensen, conductor
An imaginative setting of this well-known folk song allows the choir to “take the stage.” Marked “boisterous,” it still asks at-tention from the choir, with tricky rhythms and quick turns and twists. Several unison sections and easy ranges will help the choir to have fun from your first rehearsal!

HL08501802 SATB Chorus & Piano

Duration: Approx. 3:00

20. Tshotsholoza (Go Forward) NEW!

Adapted by Jeffery L. Ames

Belmont University Choir; Jeffery L. Ames, conductor
Don't miss this extremely popular rendi-tion of a South African freedom song that is also the “unofficial” national anthem and its “battle call.” With congas, djembe and a strong engagement from the choir, it will be an extraordinary experience for the choir and audience alike.

HL08501764 SATB divisi Chorus, Tenor Solo, Congas & Djembe
HL08501546 TTBB Chorus, Tenor Solo & Optional Percussion

Duration: Approx. 2:00

21. She Walks In Beauty NEW!

Kevin Memley

The Kevin A. Memley Studio; Kevin Memley, conductor
The perfect selection for high school choirs and beyond, this sensitive setting of Lord Byron's timeless poem offers drama and nuances to be expressed by the choir. A true gem.

HL08501815 SATB divisi Chorus & Piano

Duration: Approx. 3:00

22. Peze Kafé NEW!

arr. Sten Källman

Vocal Ensemble Amanda, Gothenburg, Sweden
A colorful ar-rangement of folk music from Haiti. Lots of fun rhythms and sounds keep this piece going in a steady beat, with drums and easy percussion. The music allows for movement and theatrical effects. Sung in Haitian, it has frequent repetitions of text and music, making it easier than it sounds! Pronunciation guide included.

HL08501819 SATB Chorus, with Percussion

Duration: Approx. 5:00


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